danceKALEIDOSCOPE – Mini Matinee and Full Performance Series

DK & Friends
Thursday, April 6
OneAmerica Stage at Indiana Repertory Theatre
12 noon – One Hour Performance
7:00 p.m. – Full Performance

DK is excited to share the stage with several artistic friends for these performances.
• Singer Doug Dilling will accompany a moving piece called End of the World.
• Todd Rosenlieb Dance is a contemporary dance company based in Norfolk, Virginia. Their performance will include a piece choreographed by former DK dancer Ricardo Melendez.
• Finally, musican/composer Cathy Morris will provide live New Age Celtic music for Skin Walkers. This athletic piece by David Hochoy loosely tells the story of a group of magical shape shifters.

Cost: Free for Blue Members. Must sign-up in advance.

Cost: Blue members only. Must register in the office.

Other Dates

Dance is a Contact Sport
Thursday, June 1, 2017

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