How Heritage Place Made A Difference for Rosie

Rosie first came to Heritage Place about three years ago for help with preparing her taxes, because our location was close to her home. Once at Heritage Place, she discovered all the different classes and activities offered here and she joined, immediately!

“I started Chair Aerobics Class because I needed the exercise. I’venfallen a lot, so this has helped me get back into moving more again.

They say that it will help you lose weight, but that’s not why I wanted to start this class. I wanted to do chair aerobics to help with my pain, and the class has helped a lot. It really works on your body!!”

I also joined the Spanish Class that is offered. I find it very interesting learning a new language. I have also learned so much about the Spanish people and the Spanish culture and customs. I have learned so much in that class.

I have also gone on several class trips to Spanish restaurants. I don’t really like spicy food, but I go for the fellowship. I always have a good time.”

Heritage Place is such a wonderful place to come. Everyone is so nice. The staff are helpful and informative and the leaders of the classes are very patient and kind.

Heritage Place has definitely impacted my life. Chair Aerobics Class has helped me with my exercise and with my pain. And Spanish Class has helped me to learn so much new knowledge. I like Heritage Place and the people there a lot!!”
—Rosie, a participant in Heritage Place programs

Rosie’s journey to Heritage Place is like so many other older adults. They arrive to participate in one program, find out about our other classes and activities, and immediately sign-up for some of them.

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