Senior Planet

Note: Lectures and classes are in person at Heritage Place and require advance registration. The lectures listed are 75-minutes. Call (317) 283-6662 or stop by to register.

Wednesday, November 2, 3:00 PM
Explore the ins-and-outs of virtual medical appointments. Interested in having a virtual visit with your doctor? Or learning about types of telemedicine out there? This lecture provides an overview of telemedicine options and focuses on exploring virtual medical appointments with your doctor
in real-time. You’ll see a virtual-visit walk-through and learn what to expect from an appointment. This lecture offers advice about how best to prepare for a virtual visit, from questions to ask your doctor to your concerns regarding connectivity, privacy, and insurance.

Benefits of connecting to the Internet
Wednesday, November 9, 2:00 PM
Gain a better understanding of the benefits of getting online, the different types of connections, and internet speeds. This presentation offers real life examples of the ways that home internet access can help you save money, connect with others, and make everyday tasks easier. In this lecture, we’ll
review common terminology associated with an internet connection, as well as how fast a connection you need to do some of the most common online activities like stream videos and music, check email, and video chat. We’ll also explore different ways of connecting to the internet as well as resources for available service in your area.

Spotting “Fake” News
Wednesday, November 16, 3:00 PM
How does Fake News get online? Discover tools you can use to evaluate news sources. Concerned about fake news? In the digital age, anyone can publish anything on the internet. This lecture will provide a helpful explanation for the increase in the use of the term fake news, as well as give you some tools to evaluate news sources. We’ll also review popular fact-checking sites.

All Things Smart Phones
Wednesday, November 30, 10:00 AM
Learn how a smartphone can help you access the internet when you need it! If you’re curious about what smartphones can do and why they’ve grown so popular, come to this lecture. You’ll learn about popular smartphones on the market and some of their pros and cons. We’ll also compare and contrast two of the most popular operating systems: Android and Apple’s iOS.

Affordable Home Internet
Wednesday, November 30, 2:00 PM
Having the internet at home so I can take classes from Heritage Place? Having home internet can help
you save money, connect with others, make everyday tasks easier, and much more! This lecture goes
over basic information you need to know when signing up for home internet service. You’ll also learn
about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a permanent, government program that helps qualifying low-income households pay for internet service and connected devices. In some cases, depending on your internet plan, the ACP discount may help you get home internet for free!

All Things Zoom
Wednesday, December 7, 10:00 AM
Learn how to use Zoom to chat with friends & family, and take virtual classes with Heritage Place!
Curious why Zoom has become everyone’s go-to video conferencing software? This lecture will go
over how to use Zoom to chat with friends & family, and take virtual classes with Senior Planet! You’ll
learn about useful Zoom features, whether you’re connecting with an iOS, Android, or Windows device.
The lecture will also go over security considerations and give tips on how to look your best during
a video chat.

Introduction to Hosting on Zoom
Wednesday, December 7, 3:00 PM
Ready to host your own Zoom meeting? Learn what you need to start your first meeting, as well as
some tips to make it a success. Thinking about hosting your own Zoom meeting? In this introductory
lecture, we’ll go over what you need to start your first meeting, as well as some hosting tips to make
it a success. You’ll also learn about special features for hosts, including ways Zoom keeps your meetings secure. After this overview lecture, you’ll be ready for our hands-on workshops “Getting Started with Zoom” and “Hosting a Zoom Meeting,” which include step-by-step instructions.


Protecting Personal Information online
Wednesday, December 14, 10:00 AM
Discover tips for staying safe online, like safe browsing and how to recognize online scams. This presentation will cover the ins and outs of how to protect your personal information online. We’ll
cover tips for staying safe in cyberspace, like safe browsing, how to recognize online scams, and when
it’s OK-or not-to share your personal information.


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