United Way and Heritage Place

Heritage Place Nominates Volunteers for United Way Central Indiana LIVE UNITED Volunteer of the Year Award Annually, UWCI awards volunteers for their work. This year, for the first time, they are tying the awards to their 4 focus areas – Education, Basic Needs, Health, and Income. Heritage Place nominees are Shirley Ward, Instructor, Senior Urban Line Dance- Golden Line Dancers and Sherri Elder, Program Advisory Committee Member, Heritage Place.

What makes these volunteers stand out from others?

Shirley Ward

Ms. Ward instructs the urban line dancing class at Heritage Place for one hour once a week.

Ms. Ward rarely cancels class. As a volunteer, that is commendable. When someone commits to teaching an hour- long class each week where the dances taught vary from week-to-week and there is a large amount of preparation that goes into each class, that commitment is great. She makes her class senior-friendly and has fun while teaching. She makes her students feel good about themselves. She offers her class opportunities to perform other places outside of Heritage Place. Ms. Ward is honest with her students, and honesty is a characteristic of a good teacher.

Sherri Elder

Ms. Elder is a member of the Program Advisory Committee of the Heritage Place Board of Directors. Ms. Elder is passionate about what she does, and she truly loves the job she has and the people she helps. She has a master’s degree in social work, as well as a law degree. She has worked with the elderly population since she was in grade school due to her mother working at a nursing home. She has a down-to- earth approach with those she helps. She tries to make each client feel comfortable, and she strives to make the process of sorting legal issues less scary. If she does not cover a particular legal issue in her law practice, she can refer the client to another attorney or resource. She is a member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, as well as a member of their board for the Indiana chapter, and she is a member of the Elder Law Section of the Indiana Bar.

Award recipients will be honored on Tuesday, September 6 at a private reception at the MA for their contributions in ad- vancing United Way’s community impact work through local nonprofit volunteerism.

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