Why Walking is Beneficial for Seniors

By Eunice Trotter, American Senior Communities

Long ago, walking was basically the primary option for transportation. Going from one place to the next meant using our own two feet to get there. But over the generations, we stopped walking because we could ride. Our health has suffered.

Adding at least 30 minutes of walking to your daily routine not only helps you avoid a sedentary lifestyle, but improves your health in more ways than one! American Senior Communities encourages its residents to get and remain fit. One of the ways is by walking. Some of the benefits of walking for seniors include:

  • Improves heart health. Getting your heart rate up daily leads to a reduction in the risk for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and even coronary heart disease.
  • Lowers blood sugar. After eating, taking a 15-minute walk has been shown to reduce the after-eating spike in blood sugar some seniors can experience.
  • Reduces pain. Some seniors experience lower back pain, and walking even just three times a week for around 20 minutes can help strengthen abdominal and back muscles to decrease chronic back pain.
  • Low participation cost. After you’ve invested in a good pair of shoes, you can walk basically anywhere for free!
  • Promotes social engagement. Walking offers an easy way for seniors to meet up with others.
  • Boosts mental health. The endorphins released during physical activity create a sense of wellbeing, reduce anxiety and boost your mood.

American Senior Communities operates independent, assisted and senior health communities on the North-Westside. One of them is Spring Mills Meadows located at 2140 W. 86th Street. For more information, call 317-872-7211, or visit the website at www.ASCSeniorCare.com/smm.